Thursday, March 25, 2010

Day 29: Safe and Sound

Hello everybody!

Our flights, connections, transfers, etc.. all went well. As smoothly as we could hope. There was good visibility on Monday morning, our plane left Ulaanbaatar on time, and Seumas enjoyed a window seat over the fading snows and endless browns of Mongolia and the Gobi. No problems at Beijing, arriving early and then on to our second leg to Sydney. The window for Rachel this time but her entertainment controller was a bit troublesome, so her movie options were limited. Seumas watched 3 or 4 movies (he can't remember). Sleep was problematic, since they decided our flight should have "dinner" at 5:30 Beijing time, followed by "supper" at 11pm Beijing time, supper being another meal. This meant waking everybody up after an hour and a half's darkness and sleep, at what was 2am Sydney time. A lot of help if you were trying to set yourself to Sydney time! Thanks, real smart. Anyway, apart from that the flight was good. We were pleased to get off, and make our way through customs, etc.., and meet Kinsey at the airport and come home.

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