Sunday, March 21, 2010

Day 24 - The Last Saturday

Seumas felt very ill and Rachel was under the weather too, so we decided not to do any Saturday sight-seeing.

In the end Seumas stayed home all day while Rachel went out for a few hours to pick up some things. There was lots of snow as she walked into UB but on the way back it was beautifully sunny!

We went out for a quick dinner... they had tofu at this restaurant, yay! Then we watched The Curious Case of Benjamin Button on HBO.

Here are a couple of tips for life in Mongolia that you won't find in the guidebooks...

How To Walk On Ice and Snow - The key with walking is to always put your heel down first, and to put it down firmly. This helps anchor you. If someone is standing in front of you they should be able to see the whole sole of your foot as you step forward. If you are going uphill then avoid transferring your weight to the front of your foot, keep it on the heel. Avoid walking on black or transparent ice as much as possible: if it's white it's alright!

How to Eat a Mandarin - Half-peel the mandarin. Get a spoon. Chip away at the frozen insides.

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  1. white (clear) ice is just as bad as black ice.
    snow is the way to go...