Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Day 14: The man of the millenium

Spring is really here. The snow is continuing to melt, leaving a lot of muddy slush on the ground. White gives way to grey and brown.

Classes today went well. Seumas' masters class are quite good. They looked at some commentary on John 4 together, and discussed International Women's Day and Australian holidays and culture.

Rachel's 3rd year class are also fairly good, and a little cheeky sometimes. They are getting through their work quite quickly.

Lunch was rice with meat, mashed potato, and cabbage. Exciting times! It is still a little weird for us that they push us to the front of the line because we are teachers. We don't really want to break that cultural practice at the college because it's not our place to do so. We also were taught a Mongolian proverb, something like "Share your breakfast with friends, eat lunch by yourself, and give your dinner to your enemies" - something to do with the poor quality of dinner so better to give it away.

In the afternoon we went for a little walk to check out some different supermarkets. Trying to find carrots. The mission was a success, and we also found a delightful energy drink: Genghis Khaan! (Everything here has a Genghis Khaan brand, we're pretty sure).


  1. Interesting proverb.
    I googled it and it came up with an apparently Russian proverb. "Russian Proverb says: Eat your breakfast alone, share your lunch with a friend, give dinner to your enemy."