Thursday, March 11, 2010

Day 15: Load Error 2 No Paper

Don't worry, when/if we move here permanently, we won't blog everyday. There's just not that much to say really. Not once one has settled into a bit of a routine.

The temperature was a nice -14 outside when we first got up. This is definitely a big move in the upward direction.

We turned up at college today hoping to do some photocopying - our 2nd year students are doing a test on Tuesday, and we were both going to do revision with them. Sadly, the photocopier had no paper, and no one was around that could help us get paper, and so that made the morning a little frantic.

In the end it was okay. Rachel worked from the whiteboard with the material we had prepared, and Seumas' class did a lot of spoken practice (his room has no usable whiteboard). Rachel tried to play "Rachel says", and then 3/4 of the way through one of the students said, "Oh, your name is Rachel!!". Seumas' class spent their second hour trying to do some English/Bible study on Ephesians 2:8-9, which was an interesting challenge (these students have only just been learning the simple past tense). Hopefully they'll go well in their test, and then they move on to book 2 of their curriculum!

A group of Rachel's third year students are heading south of the border in the mid-term break to visit some missionaries of some kind. Pretty exciting for them.

We watch a lot of movies here. Asia HBO is often showing things we'd like to see, or sometimes things we're prepared to watch.

Mongolia's largest currency note is 20,000. This works out to about $15.41 at the current exchange rate. Some things are much cheaper, but many things cost around the same (especially things that are imported). So, you can imagine if Australia had a currency system that only went up to $20, and still used 1c and 2c coins, shopping might be a little bit more inconvenient.

We started a 500 piece jigsaw puzzle. Rachel has done most of the work on it. It is almost finished. Indistinguishable blue sky is all that's left.

ps, thanks to people who have been sharing some prayer points for us to pray for you over here. We enjoy hearing about your life and sharing in asking our heavenly Father on your behalf.

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