Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Day 20 - Testing Times

Off to college as usual, to have our Second Year students sit a review test. They need 65% to pass. All of Seumas' students have passed... but it looks like several of Rachel's may not. This is sad for her because she feels like it must be partly her fault as she is not a very good English teacher. If they fail the subject they must retake it til they pass... so difficult for any student who just wants to get on with theology!

After the test Seumas' students talked about liking things. Turns out they can pretty much all ride a horse (with one former race winner among them) but swimming is a rarer skill. Rachel's students managed to memorise all of Matthew 28:19-20 and wanted to know when she was going to have children.

After a lunch of rice, beef, potato salad, mantuu and questions about swimming, we marked our exams. Seumas then went to a two-hour band practice while Rachel read a book on missionary work and did some grocery shopping (the first time we have been more than 10 metres apart since we left Australia!).

There was no internet and no hot water when we first got home but the internet appears to be back and the water has gotten lukewarm.

Hard to believe there is only a week left!


  1. That's funny; you talked about yourself in the third person!

  2. Seumas and Rachel do that a lot on this blog! It's our "excluded middle" writing style.