Saturday, March 6, 2010

Day 9 - Getting To Know People

(Yes, this is being written late, sorry.)

The weather forecast lied! Today was colder than yesterday! -34C when we got up, -24C when we left the house. The walk to UBTC is pretty short however, so no true complaints.

Rachel's class went very well. The third years are much better speakers than the second years so it's possible to have real interaction and conversation with them. When talking about Rachel's sore throat they suggested a traditional drink made of her own mother's urine as a remedy. They like Hillsong music very much and when Rachel said they should try Garage Hymnal they told her they didn't like hymns. The class plowed through their work very quickly and she had to come up with some games at the end. Fortunately the 'thinking of a food that starts with the letter...' game was a massive hit, they got very competitive!

Seumas' master class went well, they're a good bunch of students. He was approached by one of Rachel's third years to play bass in a planned English worship service so he will go to some practices for that... whenever they are.

We got lunch in the cafeteria today, a chunky broth and a bun with a sausage inside. During lunch we were asked by one of the staff, Nara, if we'd like to come with her and her husband to look at summer homes on Saturday. We didn't really know what that meant but said yes. Then she said they weren't taking their children as it would be too cold... if it's too cold for Mongolian children I suspect it will be too cold for Australians but oh well!

After our lessons prep for Tuesday we went to a nearby store that had been suggested to us as a place that might have mittens. It was like a little mall with lots of stallholders. We used sign language and found one pair! They are not as thick and warm as the giant ones that Rachel has been using but she does now have opposable thumbs. She was very happy to be able to dress herself again.

After a quick meal of eggs on toast we went to the nearby Joint Christian Services centre for a service marking the beginning of 40 hours of prayer. There was a Mongolian pastor speaking who challenged us to get out of our comfort zone, commit, and confess our sins and those of the people around us in prayer, like Nehemiah. We sang, prayed, and had communion together. We also got to chat to some people... it's nice to talk in English!

A pretty good day here in Ulaanbaatar. :)

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