Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Day 7 - In The Office

We keep talking about all the sleep we're getting, we know, but it is very odd for us to get eight hours a night and it seems to be the norm for us here so far! Rachel is finally getting rid of the bags under her eyes for the first time in years!

Off to the college again, for our first solo teaching classes. Rachel's face got so cold from the sharp breeze it had pins and needles!

After some misdirection we managed to find our classrooms and get down to it. Rachel felt a bit out-of-control during her lesson: the students seemed to get through the work quickly but possibly without taking much in. The lesson was on eating less meat and more fruit and vegetables which is pretty much the opposite of a normal healthy diet here so that was also difficult. She has taken photos of her students holding a piece of paper with their name to try and learn who they are quickly! Seumas felt his class went pretty well despite the absence of some promised photocopies, though he had to somehow explain 'foreshadow'. Impressively one of his students knew the meaning of 'typology'!

Cafeteria lunch: rice with beef stir-fry and a mantuu. They've already sussed that they should serve us smaller plates than the students!

We then tried a new method of preparation of staying at the college for a couple of hours after lunch. This worked really well for Rachel but not so great for Seumas. Sadly since Rachel still doesn't have clothes that fit properly Seumas is unable to leave her to come home alone. We're going to have to work out how to make the system good for both of us. But Rachel now feels much more prepared and confident about tomorrow's class.

Home after that with a quick stop at the supermarket. Dinner was leftover pasta turned into pasta bake.

We thought some people might have turned up for Bible study not knowing it was cancelled but nope!

Tomorrow... more of the same!

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  1. I find it funny that you use the first person plural to describe both of you, but refer to each individual of the "we" in the third person. I think in the back of my head, my mind's trying to figure out who the narrator is, and is dividing by zero or something.