Monday, March 1, 2010

Day 5 - Getting Ready to Teach

We are starting to sleep in a little bit later... the darkness will do that to you!

This morning we didn't do too much because the Halls were very busy organising the last bits and pieces before their evening flight.

At midday we walked to the college. Our first stop was the office where there are desks for us to use. Then a long conga line of staff and students to meet. It was pretty bewildering. Also we're discovering that it is very awkward meeting people and making small talk when you don't speak any common languages. Mostly both parties just smile and look embarrased. Got the grand tour! It is nice and warm and well-maintained. The desks look sturdy and everything is clean.

The main issue at the moment seems to be a lack of rooms for us to actually teach in. The Halls asked around for us but didn't get any clear answers. Hopefully this will be sorted out without us having to resort to finding a translator.

Next was a trip to visit the other regular teacher at her apartment. She and her husband live in the 'foreigners' block where the apartments are very lovely: just like apartments back home! They live on the top floor and while the stairs are a slog the view was lovely. We imposed on her for some sandwiches and she ran through her plan for our lesson tomorrow (she is going to run all three classes as one with us kind of assisting so we can find our feet).

A quick stop at a corner store afterwards for some extra supplies for dinner and then back home! Rachel cooked while the Halls did their last chores and afterwards Erdenee and his girlfriend came to collect them for the flight.

Now they are gone and we must fend for ourselves! Well, somewhat. They have left us with the numbers of lots of people to phone if we get stuck so we're not abandoned. It is a little intimidating however!

Tomorrow has some lovely weather forecast which we intend to enjoy before some really rotten weather on Thursday.

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