Monday, March 15, 2010

Day 19: Out on the town

We arranged today to go out with Emma, a long-term missionary over here. She teaches parallel English classes to us at the college. So we met up with her in the morning and caught a taxi into the city centre.

We had hoped to visit a Museum of the Central Intelligence Agency, but it appears to have closed down. No surprises there! So instead we walked, stopping first in a bookstore, then on to Mercury markets, which are some really good markets for buying foodstuffs, including a bunch of stuff we hadn't encountered in our shopping here before. Good to know for future reference.

Next stop was a music store, where Rachel picked up some Mongolian pop CDs. There is also a burgeoning Mongolian Hip-Hop scene, judging by the store's selection. Sadly, Punk seems unrepresented here. Like everything, there is a band called Chinggis Khaan. They seem to be a bit of a rock outfit.

Last stop of the day was Millie's cafe, which we went to before, but Emma was quite happy to go there (I think most foreigners get a bit sick of Mongolian cuisine after awhile), and burritos were a big hit for us.

We had a good time with Emma, particularly asking her lots of questions and getting her opinion on a range of issues as a missionary here, particularly since she and her husband have been in Mongolia for quite a number of years.

Back home we watched "Gone with the Wind". Rachel had never seen it, and having watched it wasn't particularly impressed.

p.s. Congrats to all the Moore students who graduated today!

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  1. hooray for mongopop or mpop!
    however they call it.
    well, being that punk was originally a rage against the machine I'm not surprised.