Saturday, March 20, 2010

Day 23: Friday Night Fun

Today we did a whole range of things.

Seumas went into college early, to practice again for the chapel service. We enjoyed chapel this morning because the sermon was in English (with Mongolian translation), so that was very helpful. Seumas' bass playing was much appreciated.

We then taught our classes, our final teaching session with these classes in particular. Seumas recorded some interviews with his students, until the vidcam batteries died (they do not last very long at all), while Rachel's class spent a lot of time talking about Australia.

After lunch we stopped into the principal's office, and spoke with Puje for awhile. We bought one of his cds (he has many talents), and expressed our hope and desire to come back in the future.

In the evening we went out with Gana and her husband ('Jack' for short), as well as Emma and her husband Erik, to see a performance with the Mongolian National Song and Dance company. They performed a Folk Dance play, "The Legend of the Sun". The programme came in Mongolian, Russian, and English, so that was a great help. It was a traditional tale of the Sun being stolen by demons and 5 Heroes setting out to bring the Sun back, and then the Sun goes up into the Sky. The performance was pretty amazing, lots of talented dancers, and music, including some Long song.

Sadly we have both been sick with colds. Rachel for a number of days, Seumas more recently. Coming home Seumas was nauseous and went to bed with a bit of a fever, but the night's rest seems to have helped a lot.

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