Saturday, March 13, 2010

Day 16: Bring on the weekend

Sometimes we like teaching English, sometimes we don't. Today we were grateful that it was Friday.

In Seumas' class, the students shared a little about what they were doing before coming to college. One student told the story of how he had been studying music, and had been chosen by the Mongolian government to go to Russia to study to be a composer. But he fell ill for a whole year. He suspects possibly some people were jealous and poisoned him.

Rachel's third year class continues to be particularly cheeky.

As we might have said earlier, Seumas was asked to play bass for an English worship service at chapel next week. So in the afternoon there was a practice. Rehearsals are a new experience when you don't share a language with the other musicians!

Next week looks to be a bit busier, with a couple more music practices, and spending some more time with the students outside class. So we're grateful for the weekend and plan to enjoy some rest.


  1. What is Little's class doing that is cheeky?

  2. It is one guy in particular really who then gets the two guys that sit around him going. I like him, he's probably my fav student because he's so funny, but he is a lot harder to keep on task!

    Some quotes from him...
    "Don't want worksheets. Worksheets are... shit."
    "I think these are children textbooks."
    "I want to go Australia. I love Hillsong!"
    And when I told them I liked Garage Hymnal better than Hillsong... "No more class! Just teach us Garage Hymnal song!"
    "I am always hungry. ALWAYS HUNGRY."

    Well... it's funny if you're there at least. ;p

    To be honest his English is better than most of the other students (though not as good as he thinks it is judging from his homework) so he's probably bored.