Tuesday, October 12, 2010

News, it's true, for October

I figure most people who subscribe to this blog are also subscribed to our email newsletter, but perhaps there are some who are not. Here are the latest goings on in our plans to get to Mongolia.

September has come and gone and so it must be time for some more news
from us. Seumas completed a first draft of his thesis, with which his
supervisor was elated. All that remains is some editing and final
revisions, and Seumas looks on track to submit at the end of this
month. He has been applying for a few more jobs, but nothing has come
to fruition as yet. This week he is also off to speak to Macquarie
University about the possibility of starting his PhD. Last month he
had the opportunity to speak at a youth camp for Wollongong Anglican,
and he is preaching a few times in October.

Rachel is really enjoying working at Matthias Media, and has found
being around Christians at work very encouraging.

Mongolia-wise, Seumas completed all his medical assessment, which was
slightly more involved due to some conflicting but ultimately
meaningless test results. Now that that is done, we are close to
finishing our official application process. A little bit of paperwork
needs to be chased up, and a final interview with Pioneers, and we
will be done, which will be great. Pioneers is having its annual
dinner in Sydney on the 30th, if you'd like to come along and learn a
bit more about Pioneers and how their work fits into God's mission in
the world. Let us know and we'll pass along some details to you.

Prayer Points
- Thanks for the thesis going so well
- Prayer for Seumas to find a job
- For the stress on both of us for looking for work, that we will be
calm and trusting in God
- To finish up our application process
- For God to open up some new opportunities for ministry where we are

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