Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Feb 2012

It's almost February and given that it's a time of action and excitement maybe you'd like an update a few days early!


Our commissioning service is on Sat 4th Feb, 2:30pm at Lane Cove Anglican, 4 Rosenthal Ave, 2066. We'd really love to see you there, and it will be an excellent time as we hear God's word and commit our relocation and ministry in Mongolia to God and his good providence. Simon Longden, the national director of Pioneers will be up visiting and our guest speaker. There will be some afternoon tea afterwards (and if you'd like to help with that let us know!)

Transition Training

A large bulk of January was taken up with TT, and we're not really supposed to talk about specifics. Nonetheless, we had a valuable time away down in Melbourne being prepared for some of the challenges of moving to a new culture. We particularly enjoyed getting to know many other missionaries, in all stages of life, going to all sorts of places. It was a real gift to spend time with people in the same headspace and stage as ourselves, with a shared longing for God's glory in global mission.


Still everyone's favourite question. At this stage we are looking at leaving sometime in early March. The main obstacles are: (a) getting aids tests done as a visa requirement, (b) sending off documentation and arranging the visas. This should put in motion a chain of events and give us a more definite departure date. We'll be spending some time in Feb visiting some friends and family and saying farewells and hanging out with all our fun friends.

Giving us a roof for a week

If you have a spare room and could put us up for a few days immediately prior to our departure, that would really be wonderful. That would let us ship our stuff to Mongolia, clean our apartment, get rid of our car, etc. before we actually left. Let us know if this is you!

Please take our stuffSome people have been around to our place to take our stuff away. But there are many good things here looking for a home and some loving owners. It pretty much all must go, so don't be shy. We would love to give you books and cds and furniture and anything else we can.

Prayer- pray for us as we say goodbye to family members, especially for Rachel as we travel to Port Macquarie and to Leeton.
- pray for visas to get issued smoothly and quickly, so we can get over there and start learning Mongolian pronto!
- pray for faithfulness and joy in our lives and service for Jesus

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