Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The next stage of our Mongolian adventure

Well, we are here! After several years of consideration, prayer, planning, a survey visit, uncertainties, training, partnership development, mail-awaiting, sad farewells, and a full day of flying, we have arrived in Ulaanbaatar.

The flights were relatively good, for those wondering. Sydney to Seoul was pretty nice, and we both enjoyed some reading and some movie-watching. Only a 2hr layover in Incheon airport, time enough for a coffee, some wifi, snacks, and some additional layers, and then a 3hr flying from South Korea to Mongolia. We had one aborted landing at UB, due to high winds, and then a very lengthy wait to get through immigration. Another plane came in just after us, and being at the end of our plane put us at the end of our queue, and just when we got to the front of our line, the service staff finished up and we had to join another queue. We did have a chance to chat to another Aussie in the line though, a 4WD instructor over here doing some training for the mining boom.

Our lovely team leaders met us at the airport, this was about 11:30pm local time, about 17.5hrs from when we took off in Sydney, and we drove back to their apartment. It was good to get some rest.

This morning we have not done a great deal. David headed out to teach some classes, and Wendy is feeling a little unwell. So we have enjoyed a quiet morning at home. Rachel has just gone out for a stroll in the balmy -5, and I am blogging. On the cards for the rest of the day is a trip to our language school to sort out some papers, and tonight there may be a bit of a gathering - some other friends are transiting through UB on their way home for medical stuff, and it also happens to be my birthday!

p.s. looks like there are some good bars out front for possible rings workouts.


  1. Yay! Glad you guys have arrives safe and sound, and are also getting the opportunity to rest and recover from the flight.

    Also, Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday for Wednesday! We had bible study tonight & prayed that you guys would be settling in well. Very good to hear that you have arrived safely and things are going well.