Friday, March 30, 2012

The day an alien took possession of an apartment

I went out early this morning to go to the bank. It's worth going to ATMs early here, as there can be queues. So a brisk 15min walk to a bank over near our language school, and then a 400,000T withdrawal (that's the max), and a brisk walk back. You have to layer up because of the cold, but then you can get really warm from the walking. Plus the 5 flights of stairs to the apartment, and so once you're inside the immediate tendency is to take of as many layers as you can.

Just one language class today (they are 90min classes), with Olonbayar. She is not as fantastic a teacher as Bayarmaa, but she pushes us a bit harder. Anyway, then we walked home again.

In the afternoon Rachel popped out to get some groceries for dinner, and I heard a knocking at the door. I answered it and an unfamiliar mongolian woman was talking to me unintelligibly and gave me some keys. Ah, the apartment keys! So I took them.

Here's a video tour of our empty apartment with ridiculous background music (the preview picture is sideways but not the video):

In the evening I made a brisk walk back to school to pick up my passport, returned from immigration, along with my 'certificate of alien registration' card. Someone needs to buy them a better laminating machine though. So that keeps me in the country for the next 12 months. One less obstacle.

Tomorrow: shopping and fitting our apartment. Also, maybe, boxes!


  1. I felt a little dizy watching your video but it's nice to know where you will be living :)

  2. Ah, the music made me smile on a Monday afternoon. For that alone I thank you :)

    Great to see where you'll be living and happy furniture hunting :)

  3. I like the background music. I think it makes you seem more like secret agents. Haha... Looks like you have plenty of space. :)