Sunday, March 25, 2012

The day of going to two churches

Seumas' alarm was set for 8am, but it did some timezone tricks and went off at local time 7am. This left us a little more tired than we should have been.

First port of call today was a Mongolian-language church. We had visited this one once before the last time we were in country. We caught a taxi out there and were very blessed to have the pastor's wife doing translation for us and some other outsiders. There was a good deal of charismatic-style singing to start off with, and then the Nicene Creed. I've never had the Creed recited with a musical backdrop and clapping at the end. Good to see the true Nicene faith being celebrated! We also had Romans 13-16 read to us - no small bible readings here! The sermon was on Rev 3:14-22 and encouraged us to be living out our faith and not to be 'lukewarm'.  The translator helped greatly! A number of the people were going on a short term m-trip to a nearby country, so we prayed for them. Very exciting! We met a few other outsiders after the service and then walked home, with a stop at a local korean supermarket.

In the afternoon we went to the international church. This week was part of a focus on mission month, and many outsiders got up to share what they were doing. The talk urged us to consider Jesus' own ministry as a model for ours. I reconnected with an outsider we had met last time we were here, who is involved in a cafe/roasting business. So I now have a coffee bean supplier! Looking forward to my espresso machine arriving, but the flamecannon is doing fine. Rachel met two local girls who had come to church for the first time and she chatted with them and hopefully will have some more contact in the future - a point for petition.

Tomorrow is our first day of language class, we're looking forward to picking up some of the language.

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