Sunday, March 25, 2012

The day we got Mongolian sim cards

Mongolian shops don't open early. In fact, most Mongolians run on a timetable about 3 hours behind western expectations. So we went down to a nearby shopping centre (that phrase has already given you the wrong idea), just after 11. And they opened the roller doors as we were arriving. That by no means meant that the phone-stall person was opening though. Instead we wandered around looking at other things, bought some groceries (including the renowned Genghis Khaan energy drink), and as we were thinking of leaving, the phone person turned up. So we both now have Mongolian sim cards. You can email us for the numbers if you want.

5kgs of Nutella, about A$70
We then trundled off to another shop to grab some more groceries before home for lunch.

In the afternoon Rachel went out on a hat-buying expedition by herself. It was quite successful and has led to a possible hat-craze taking off.

The new hat

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