Friday, March 22, 2013

Back and Staying Put (God willing)

Hello friends!

Well, most of you hear about our many travels over the last few months, none particularly to our personal preference. We spent a month in Thailand waiting to see if visas would come through, and then made the decision to come back to Mongolia on tourist visas, so that we could at least be here and wait out the time.

When we came back it then turned out that after another week and a half we had to leave again, not because of a problem with our tourist visas, but to obtain our other new visas. We decided to head to Korea for a week, for a couple of reasons.

So we spent last week in Korea. The visa process went very smoothly, and we picked up a work visa and spouse visa to return with.

One of the highlights of our time in Korea was that we had some Danish friends from our church in Australia who are now in Busan. So after collecting the new visas we caught the train to Busan and spent a few days with them. It was very refreshing for us and a great chance to spend time with them. We also attended their home group which was lovely.

We're now back in Mongolia, and Seumas is able to teach and is getting stuck in to classes. Rachel is carrying on with language study and meeting up with some women. We're grateful to be back and really looking forward to settling in again!

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