Friday, May 10, 2013

Summer Times!

Well, I suppose it is not a bad time at all to write a blog update. The weather in UB has turned quite warm recently, indeed we had a few days of 27-28C recently, and there is even some grass beginning to sprout up, and on Tuesday we had some rain!

The semester is winding up at the college and I am grateful that I won't have to be teaching double-classes for much longer. I have enjoyed the challenges of teaching, particularly getting into the text of Ephesians with my students, though always more could have been done. The students still have finals in a few weeks, so there will be some marking to do!

In language, things continue to slowly improve. My teacher and I have been reading Piper's "In our Joy" together, which has been quite fun. It's particularly interesting when we find things in Mongolian that sound odd, or have enough translational ambiguity that they could mean virtually the opposite of the original.

I'm taking an online course in communicative Koine over some of the summer months, I'm hoping this will improve my own communicative fluency, and help with the ongoing challenge of teaching Greek.

I'm hoping that in Autumn I might give preaching directly in Mongolian a go, we'll see though.

We have a short trip to Aus planned for early August. Catching up with people and doing some PhD related things.

And that's all the news from here at the moment.

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