Monday, May 14, 2012

State of the Blog, 14th May 2012

Sorry for the decline in photos, we have just been taking less.

The weather turned cold again, down below zero and snow over the weekend. This is the Mongolian Spring, up and down and windy.

On Saturday we went out with some Koreans for Korean lunch. I've never eaten Korean before. Most of the conversation was in Korean as well, but since we were discussing a ministry project, one of our friends translated for us. It was a good lunch, and Rachel enjoys going out and eating new foods.

Rachel has to fly-out, fly-in to change visas, and so is off to get another visa this morning to leave the country. Hopefully it all runs smoothly.

Not too much else to report. I'm over-tired because of the early-waking and late nights. Language classes continue to go well. Things seem to be moving forward.

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