Tuesday, May 8, 2012

More random observations about Mongolian life

Someone set up a large-ish inflatable pool in a nearby square, for the kids. Also some kind of train-ride. A sign of summer to be sure.

Crossing the road in Ulaanbaatar could fairly be described as a game of Frogger crossed with Chicken. Essentially you will need to move between notional 'lanes' of traffic to avoid cars, as will as inch forward into the path of oncoming cars with enough confidence and an occasional glance or stare to convince them not to run you over. It helps to have the mass of a herd, so waiting until you have a few other people to interrupt traffic works. I recommend standing on the lee-ward side of fellow pedestrians for an extra feeling of security.

Mongolian language classes continue to go well. I don't get out enough and utilise it. I'm sure that more hours spent in the language would speed up comprehension and acquisition, but that is the price of the choice to do other things (doctoral studies, to be exact). Still, I am learning new structures and words everyday, and seem to be going at a reasonable pace.

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