Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Grass appears

A couple of days ago I noted that there were little tufts of green grass poking around in places. I just walked to the local indoor market, and on the way realised that the dusty squares of dirt around our building all have patchy bits of 4cm long green grass! They pretty much appeared over night. I would say the dirt to grass ratio is till 25:1, but I'm amazed that it got so long so quick! Go little grass, go!

I do a little grocery shop most mornings. Sadly, lots of stores don't open til the afternoon, which doesn't suit me because of our class schedule, so I think I'm going to have to go back again later to see if either of the stores that sell muesli feel like selling. I decided to ask my regular vegetable lady what her name was; it's Megi. She asked me what my name was, guessed that I was Australian, and then asked me a question that I couldn't figure out. It may have been when we came to Mongolia, or why we're here, or how long we're staying... the key word in the sentence was one I didn't know. Oh well. Also had a little chat with the grain seller who knows English; her name is Sara, and she knows French too. In fact, next week she will be a tour guide for 17 French tourists! That explains why her shop isn't open often either.

Tonight we are hoping to go to visit some Canadians who are returning home. She wants to start getting rid of some of her kitchenware, and I want to acquire more, so it should be mutually beneficial! Actually, when we left we donated a lot of our kitchen items to some Canadians who had just moved to Australia, so there you go!

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  1. Yay for making friends with shopkeepers!