Thursday, April 17, 2014

Mission Trip, Day 8

This morning after devotion time some of us went to the church for a 'class' which was designed for new believers. 7 people came and learnt the basics of how to read teh Bible, how to pray, and how to do a quiet time/devotion Then they all did one right there and then. Also they decided to keep meeting together daily to do them.

Reading the Bible for the first time

We had a very Mongolian lunch and then set off on the 2hr drive to Tosontsengel. Tosontsengel is reputedly the coldest settlement in Mongolia, it gets to -50. It also holds the record for highest recorded barometric pressure on Earth. We met with some local believers in the church there, maybe 8 or 10, and had a time of praise, prayer, testimonies, and prayed specifically for some people there. It was a very warm time of fellowship.

Praying for some people in need

With the believers in Tosontsengel

After this Enkhtsetseg and Enkhtuvshin visited a family to share the good news while the rest of us had some dinner with local believers in a small eatery. It was soup and I do not really get along with Mongolian soup. Anyway, then the 2 hr drive back to Их Уул

This was our last night in town so we had an extended time of worship and prayer and I shared in Mongolian from Acts 20:17ff. Probably some of my most extended Mongolian discourse in the whole trip. Also we took an offering among our team for the local church and prayed several times, and received some gifts, and took many photos

Giving some wisdom from the Scriptures

All the team with our host family (L to R, top: Davka, Erka, Badril, Seumas, middle: Enktuvshin, Tyyla, Enkhtsetseg, Onoroo, bottom: Bagii, Naraa, Nyamka, and our driver Selenge)

I'm running out of days for "meet the team" so I better double up. Onoroo (on the left below) is middle-aged, has two small children, and I think her husband left her. This is reasonably common. She took special efforts to make sure I didn't starve. Enktuvshin (on the right below) is 49, but often acts 21, she also worked illegally in Korea, and then went to Turkey (legally) where she worked and did some kind of ministry there. She gets very enthusiastic and gesticulates like she's Italian.

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