Sunday, April 13, 2014

Mission Trip, Day 6

The devotion this morning was from Romans 11:33 - 12:8. We had aarts for breakfast. It is kind of like sour milk curds, but then you can make a drink out of it.

After breakfast we went to the boarding home at the school I went with Davka, Tyyla, and Enkhtubshen, to see the older kids (12+), while another team with Enkhtsetseg went to work with the younger kids. In our group, Davka taught a kind of social-lesson about relationships and how children react to family problems and so on. Through the lesson he also gave his testimony, and at the end he explained the gospel.
Morning program with teens

...and with younger kids

 Then there was a youth-group style game. People were in teams of 3, two people holding hands were the "cage", while the other stood in the middle and was the "bird". Then there was an odd person out, who would call out "cage", "bird", or "earthquake", and either all the cage-people, or all the bird-people, or everybody, would have to swap places. There was some confusion at first, but once it was sorted out, much fun was had.

In the afternoon there was a second set of children's programmes. The younger kids met at a court/stadium/hall, while the older kids came to the church. It was kind of like an evangelistic youth group, and many kids came. So there was singing, some games, Tyyla did a bible talk, and there was some discussion time. I spoke a very little bit. Afterwards it was compulsory to have one billion photos with every combination of kid and leader. It finally finished about 5 and there other team came to join us.
Afternoon program, Younger Kids
Youth ministry, Mongolian style

There were many photos

Then it turned out we were going to visit another family. I don't know what the connection was. Anyway, we went to their home and ate horse-meat хууршуур. Horse meat is much better than mutton, just so you know. The young daughter in the house did a display of some Mongolian contortionism for us.

Mongolian Contrortionism

In the evening the team had found some instant coffee, Nescafe classic, which they were very excited about since they knew that I drink black coffee. Also there was a push-up and sit-up competition. I came second on push-ups, but let's be clear that I had excellent form. I won sit-ups. Also a lot of dart-playing this evening.

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