Saturday, February 27, 2010

Day 3 - Venturing Outside

After a wonderful nights sleep we felt pretty good and keen to venture out. At 9am David took us on a little walk to the bank to get money. It was about -21C and the breeze was pretty cutting when it blew. We got money no problem but Rachel's hands became numb and then very painful. It took some time in the apartment before they stopped hurting. This was a bit worrying as the Halls told a tale about never being the same again after getting very cold but after a few hours they seemed fine and Wendy found some mittens and glove liners to try.

After a breakfast of porridge and a few hours in the house we set out again (now above -10C we think). Our friend Erdinay (see last post re spelling disclaimers) drove us into the centre of UB and we went to two Christian souvenir stalls and a department store so the Halls could buy gifts for their families. Seumas bought a pair of felt slippers and Rachel got some felt inner soles for her boots. After a late lunch at a western cafe where everyone ate too much (Seumas ate salami!) we walked home.

Rachel was unable to use her hands while out due to them being in the mittens (which are too big) but felt much more comfortable. People had already been praying for her hands so it was great to find something that worked in the better weather. Please keep praying that we will find methods that work in the colder weather... and that will allow her to use her hands rather than having to have everything done for her!

Tired and full we rested for an hour and then it was time for dinner! No-one felt hungry but we had arranged to meet another Pioneers couple at an Indian restaurant so off we went. The food was extremely tasty and we managed to eat it up! But it was great to meet this family who live in the countryside: their two young daughters are lovely kids and have made us promise to come visit if we return to Mongolia!

So a busy day filled with food and discovering how to get around UB.

Tomorrow's plans: two church services and our first trip to the Bible college we'll be teaching at.


  1. could you get thermal gloves for rachel?

  2. Hmm, it's difficult to shop here. 1) It's difficult to get good quality western gear, 2) Mongolians tend to sell to the season - so for them it's spring and you don't need serious cold-weather gear.

    We're going to try visiting the local markets with a mongolian friend, see if we can find some stuff.

  3. is there any point in getting some in AUS and posting them to you?

  4. Not really. We're only here for 3 weeks, and the Halls have put a hold on their mail anyway. Thanks for the kind offer.