Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Day -2

It's two days before we leave for Mongolia. We're hoping to be able to blog regularly while we're over there, giving you updates, some photos, and prayer points. I thought I'd write a preliminary post for those who have subscribed, so you know it's all working fine!

We're not as busy as some people seem to think. We've got most things sorted (money, passports, visas, etc), and really just need to pack! Packing isn't the most fun though, so that's our big task for the next day or so.

We talked on on Sunday night, via Skype, with the couple we're meeting over there and everything sounds in place from their end.

Our flight leaves on Thursday night, we have a few hours in Beijing airport on Friday morning, and should arrive in Mongolia Friday afternoon. Hear from us soon!

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