Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Litany of minor disasters...

Oh Mongolia!

We have been back just on a week now and things have not been going well for us.

1. Rachel had her iPhone pick-pocketed from her last week. That led to changing permissions on online accounts, digging out an old phone, a fruitless and frustrating trip to the police station, a bounced email from our insurance company, and finally a helpful encounter with our phone company who just switched her phone number to a new SIM.

2. On Sunday Seumas preached at our English language church, and his Bible subsequently went missing after the service. Not a huge deal, and we hope whoever took it reads it, but just one more thing; and it's not that easy to replace English language Bibles here.

3. Then on Monday a chance encounter with one of the workers at UBTC revealed that our visas and permissions are set to expire on the first of September. That is less than a week away. He asked for our alien-cards and passports, but then didn't wasn't at work today so we couldn't give them to him. So, at the extreme, we may not be allowed to stay in the country beyond this coming Sunday. This will be neither cheap nor convenient.

4. Seumas's computer stopped working this morning. Well, it was fine this morning at home, but then he got to work and it won't boot up properly. So much for preparing lessons or studying or doing just about anything. A trip in search of a particular computer repair place turned into a wild good chase. He's hoping to get to a suitable place tomorrow with a student and see what can be done. (He does have 2.5 backups of all his data though.)

So, prayer:
1. For our visas to be sorted quickly and so that we can stay and carry on our ministry without expensive and time-costly trips to nowhere.
2. For peace and trust when things go 'wrong'.
3. For computer issues to be fixable and quickly fixed.
4. For God's will to be done on earth as in heaven.

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  1. Thank you for sharing us know how to pray for you two.
    We are so sorry to hear that you are facing with difficulties. We will keep praying for you. Please tell us if there is something we can help. We love you in Christ. God is in control.