Monday, April 16, 2012

The day we got a bank account

So today Seumas went to visit the diplomatic branch of the Khaan bank (lovingly named after the great man of this nation). It was in the center of town, so about a 30min walk. Really they are a branch of the bank set up for foreigners, so the staff speak several languages. I've never been treated so well by a bank. We said I was there to open an account, and I was taken into a lovely board room and this woman came and gave me papers to fill in and I was served some hot water in a tea cup and it was all very good. I even came home to find that my online banking details had already been sent to me. Great service, I definitely recommend it if you are opening a bank account here.

Here is a video of some soldiers marching past our apartment singing.

In other news, today we started separate language classes. This is a good thing because it allows us to go at our own paces. Yet it is also more taxing, as there is no downtime in the middle of our lessons. Also, we now switch between three teachers, and the new teacher has very minimal English, and so her class is a lot of Mongolian speech coming at you, which takes a lot of brain power to process. Anyways, Mongolian language acquisition is going forward.

Tonight we went to UBean cafe for a birthday party for an Australian girl here. Lots of people we know from our school, our building, and our international church were there, so that was nice. It was a dress up party, which Seumas does not really like, but it was okay. The great thing from his perspective is that UBean sells beans, which means that all is now in place for home espressos. Also the barista made him a double shot.

Iron Horse coffee. What a good name.

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